Welcome to my twisted mind. Behold this picture of a white woman smoking. Lay witness to some pastel flowers. So fucking twisted.

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"I want to be your favorite place to go when you’ve had a bad day or a good day."

Fusilli Caesar Salad


*has a bag of sour gummy worms* hey you want one *you go to grab a blue-red one* *I immediately stop you* no not that one

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*this pizza serves 4-6 people*

bitch, the only person eating this pizza is me

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have you ever had that feeling that you really wanna workout to get a flat stomach… but you also just wanna eat pizza and watch netflix.

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my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

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50 shades of dark circles under my eyes

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*accidentally showers for 5 hours*

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don’t act like just because it’s gonna be october that means you’re gonna go spend late nights in the forest with orange leaves, hoodies, and a significant other when we all know you’re gonna lay on the couch and watch Halloweentown High on Disney Channel

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